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An Interview with a My Toddler Talks Parent

Anyone who subscribes to my newsletter knows that I love hearing from my readers and appreciate feedback. Recently, I happily stumbled upon an unsolicited review of My Toddler Talks from a mother of a toddler with a language delay. As a first time author, my heart sang when I read her review because I was so thrilled that I could positively affect someone who I haven’t even met.

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Guest Post: My Toddler Talks Book Review

It gives me great pleasure to share the following review of My Toddler Talks by Dana Childress, M.Ed. Dana is a program specialist for the Virginia Early Intervention Professional Development, associated with Virginia Commonwealth University.  She assists in designing and implementing professional development activities for early intervention providers and administrators in Virginia.

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Why I Wrote My Toddler Talks

To help parents get their children talking! When I first began treating toddlers who were late to talk or delayed with their speech and language, I struggled to find easy to understand, step-by-step guides for my parents to read. Collecting information from various resources was trying and even then, I couldn’t find practical and hands-on resources. So, I decided to write a workbook for my parents.

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What is a Play Routine?

My Toddler Talks offers the reader a wealth of easy to understand information, techniques, tracking charts, goals as well as 25 entertaining play routines that do not involve too many novel toys or materials. Most families will most likely have the items in their household (this should appeal to you, clinicians, attempting to go bagless).

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