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A Happy Place for Speech and Language Learning

Are you concerned that your toddler is grunting while his peers are beginning to use words? Is your child growing increasingly frustrated because you cannot understand his needs and wants? Are you looking for playful and fun ways to get your toddler to talk?

Whether you’re a parent or a professional, Kimberly Scanlon, an experienced and licensed speech-language pathologist, shows you how to model and elicit language using 25 different play routines in a straightforward and practical manner. Kimberly combines textbook theory, evidence-based speech therapy techniques, and her many years of experience, treating toddlers into an enjoyable and easy-to-understand book. Feel good playing with your child, knowing that with each “Woof,” “Boo,” and “Uh-oh,” you are unlocking your child’s mind and giving him or her the opportunity to communicate joyfully!

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My Toddler’s First Words

First Words Start Here.

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A Happy Place for Speech and Language Learning

Worried that your toddler is not talking and not too sure where to begin? Kimberly Scanlon’s newest book, My Toddler’s First WordsA Step-By-Step Guide to Jump-Start, Track, and Expand Your Toddler’s Language provides a framework to follow so you can help your little one along his or her language learning journey. 

With encouragement from experts, real-world examples, and actionable steps you can start taking today, Kimberly’s comprehensive, yet approachable book, teaches you how to analyze your toddler’s language and communication needs, how to choose first words to target, and how to use evidence-based techniques beyond play routines to expand and develop your toddler’s language. All of this is clearly explained, so you easily adapt the recommendations to suit your unique family dynamic. It is also the perfect book to use in conjunction with My Toddler Talks, or by itself. It can even be used along with the support and guidance of your child’s speech therapist.