About Kim


I’m Kimberly Scanlon, a speech-language pathologist with over a decade of experience, an author of books to empower readers to facilitate language development, wife to a magnificent Renaissance man, and a mother of two adorable children. I’m also a coffee drinker, book reader, gratitude seeker, and collector of quotes. You’ll see some of my favorites sprinkled throughout my books and this site. When I’m not working or writing or running my household or trying to stay organized and remember my long to do list, I pause for a moment to appreciate all I have. Life is good.



  • New Jersey licensed speech language pathologist

  • Nationally certified by the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA)

  • Recipient of four ACE awards from ASHA for continuing education

  • Bachelor of Science from Rutgers University

  • Master of Arts in Communication Disorders from Montclair State University

Articles and Interviews

  • ASHAsphere, the official blog of the American Speech Language and Hearing Association

  • Advance Speech and Hearing

  • Parents.com

  • Care.com

  • The Student Doctor Network