My Toddler Talks


Connect. Play. Talk.

Using 25 step-by-step play routines and more than a dozen techniques, learn how you can get your toddler to connect, play, and talk with you!

A consistent best-seller in its category for years, "My Toddler Talks" breaks down exactly what parents and professionals should DO and SAY to model and elicit language from both toddlers and young children. Author and pediatric speech language pathologist, Kimberly Scanlon, has written an informational book that teaches readers- parents, educators, and fellow speech language pathologists- how to get a late-talking or late blooming toddler to talk through the age-appropriate medium of PLAY! The simplicity and effectiveness of "My Toddler Talks" gains appreciation among fellow speech pathologists, who recommend it to parents on their caseloads.

A fierce believer in the importance of play in childhood, Kimberly's book will make you feel good playing with your child, knowing that with each game of chase of peek- a-boo, you are deepening the connection between you and your toddler and teaching him or her how to joyfully communicate!

So start playing and get your toddler talking!

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