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"I love this book!  The techniques are simple yet effective and the activities are fun and engaging. Your children will have a blast and you'll love the growth in their communication skills. I've recommended it to all of my families!"

- Carrie Clark, CCC-SLP of Speech and Language Kids

"Whether an SLP, parent, early childhood educator or just someone who wants to learn more about toddler activities and development, you won't be sorry with the purchase of Kimberly's book."

- Jennifer Hatfield, M.H.S., CCC-SLP of Therapy and Learning Services


"This is one of the best language development books I have come across. The author's strategies are right on target and easy to understand...This book should be in every parent's library. What a great gift too!"

       - Blythe Lipman, Baby and Toddler Expert, Host of the Baby and Toddler Instructions podcast

"Moms ask me more frequently what kind of toys to get their toddler and what activities to engage in during play time. Kimberly has filled the gap for parents, caregivers and therapists with her easy to use guide." 

- Sherry Y. Artemenko M.A., C.C.C. SLP, Writer & Toy Consultant


"My Toddler Talks is a very accessible and readable handbook that describes tips and play strategies that caregivers can easily implement in their daily interactions with their little ones. The book focuses on play routines, but the tips, modeling techniques and strategies can be incorporated into any daily interaction with a little practice. The tips and "do not list" are perfect for parents, childcare providers, and others who are looking for simple guidance on what they can do right now to positively affect a toddler's language development."

-Dana Childress, M.Ed.