An Interview with a My Toddler Talks Parent

An Interview with a My Toddler Talks Parent

Anyone who subscribes to my newsletter knows that I love hearing from my readers and appreciate feedback. Recently, I happily stumbled upon an unsolicited review of My Toddler Talks from a mother of a toddler with a language delay. As a first time author, my heart sang when I read her review because I was so thrilled that I could positively affect someone who I haven’t even met. Click here if you are interested in reading her review. Originally, I simply thanked Maria for her honest review. Then, as time went by I had so many questions. I was curious about her son and wanted to know how she used My Toddler Talks to improve his communication. So, I asked if she would be willing to participate in an “interview” to learn more about her experience. Graciously, she agreed. Here it is:

Kim: If you don’t mind, please tell me a little bit about yourself, your son and your situation.

Maria: “I am a stay-at-home mom and an Army wife to the best guy in the world. (I'm just a tad biased.) Even though I am handicap and have several health problems, I have been blessed with an adorable little boy. My son is an energetic, happy person who brings smiles to everyone he meets.”

Kim: Can you describe what your concerns were with your son’s language development?

Maria: “He wasn't talking like other kids his age, and when they did his two year assessment his speech scores were really behind. Immediately he started speech through Babies Can't Wait and has been having speech therapy for about ten months. When he started, he wasn't using jargon while playing. It was just babbling. Plus, he only had a few words he could say. Now I can usually understand what he is saying to me even if others can't, but other people can understand some things he says, too."

Kim: How did you hear about My Toddler Talks?

Maria: “I was searching for books on speech on Amazon and happened upon it. I read some reviews, but the deciding factor for me was being able to read an excerpt. That helped me realize it was the book I needed.”

Kim: What was your first impression of My Toddler Talks?

Maria: “My first impression was that this was a well-written and a well-designed book. I immediately dived in and read it from cover to cover. And then I started implementing some of the things I read right away.”

Kim: How has My Toddler Talks helped you develop your son’s language? How did you use it (Did you follow along with the play routines? Use the strategies? How frequently did you use it?). Do you have any recommendations on how to get the most from it?

Maria: “I used the play routines, and I paid attention to cleaning up after we finished playing before we got out something new. That definitely helped him. Now he loves to clean up, and more importantly he knows he is supposed to! I work with him almost every day, and we just play until I see he is done. He is trying to talk more than ever now. Yes, he still has articulation problems, but nothing we can't fix! The most helpful technique for me was how to do the play activities with speech in mind. I've been able to incorporate that same idea with anything my child and I do together. It's as natural as breathing at this point! And now he is finally starting to copy things I say without me prompting him to. Or he'll say his equivalent of the word. Much better than when I started!”

Kim: Did/do you have a favorite activity or section?

Maria: “Yes! My son loves the bus activity. He wanted to do it all the time, and he still loves it! I think the outline is perfect to get kids engaged because as soon as my son saw me putting the little people to bed, he jumped right in. He loved saying shhhh and patting them. :-D He just followed my lead, and when  the bus got to the school we would sing songs, play on the playground, and have a nap. Josiah loved singing with the people. In fact, I would come in the room and see my son doing the bus activity by himself! Can't get better than that.”

Kim: Can you share any additional advice, tips or suggestions to other parents who may be struggling to develop their toddlers’ language?

Maria: “Well, the most obvious advice is to practice speech every day. But I think the best advice I could give is to be your child's champion. Don't let him feel pressured or like he is a failure from yourself, his therapist, or anyone else he comes in contact with! Shower him with love and encouragement. Trust me, it will make a difference! Another tip is to start signing as soon as you know he has a speech delay.”

Thank you so much Maria for participating in this interview! Your dedication to your son and willingness to learn and implement techniques through play and daily routines can be an inspiration to other parents who have the same concerns regarding their child’s communication skills. I wish you continued success in building his speech and language!

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