Speech Therapy Toys for Toddlers

Speech Therapy Toys for Toddlers

Toys for Toddlers

Toys for Toddlers

Every year I write a post with some of my favorite toys for toddlers and preschoolers (the preschooler post will be up at www.scanlonspeech.com in the next few days). Since I treat many toddlers with language delays, I have a pretty good knack for selecting toys and using them to promote language development. Now that I have a toddler myself, I created this list with my little girl in mind. I have included some of her favorites, some that I intend to buy, and some that I have effectively used with other toddlers during my speech therapy sessions.

First I'll start with -

7 of K’s Favorite Toys (that she's enjoyed from 12 months to present)

Fantastic toy for the young toddler who still likes to literally fill and spill items. By playing with this toy so many times, K can quickly identify purse, keys, phone and money. She can also distinguish between mommy's purse or mommy's keys versus K's purse or K's keys. Remember, receptive language typically comes before expressive language. So, even if your child is not talking, you want to make sure they understand what you are saying.

Fill this photo book with pictures of your child's family and friends and it will provide a fantastic opportunity for them to identify faces and say their names. This is especially helpful if you want to ensure that relatives who live far away are remembered.

These eggs are adorable but consider yourself warned - depending on the age and abilities of your child, you may spend a good amount of time picking them up and finding them under the couch or hidden in cabinets. Fun, right! But, it gets them moving, thinking, and talking. These cute eggs can help develop cause and effect ("What happens when I press down on the egg?") as well as object permanence (e.g.  Open carton - "Now you see the eggs" and Closed-carton "Now you don't!). Feel free to check out my other post on how I use these sorting eggs to elicit language.

Last Christmas, my little K received this stacker from her grandparents. Typically, I'm not into toys that light up and make too many sounds. BUT, what I really like about this toy is that in addition to being a good stacking toy, my K has discovered that she can make the toy light up and make music whenever she presses its side button or puts on and takes off the star rings. And, that's great for developing the skill of cause and effect. Also, the light and sounds are quick and not over-stimulating.

Super cute book. K will now say more and sign for cheerios. She earnestly pushes each one into its respective places. Good not only for language and cognition, but also for developing fine motor skills and pointing with the index finger.

Great set of musical toys for play dates!

Sandra Boynton's Bath Time! Book

This book is adorable. K likes to point to the various "toys that like to float".

By Christmas, K will almost be 17 months old (time is flying!). I’m buying toys that she can currently enjoy but also grow into.

K's Christmas Toy List

As a little girl, I loved playing with bottles like these and was fascinated by seeing the liquids appear and then disappear. Since K gets a kick out of a tucking her dolls to sleep, I think she will take to feeding them with these cool bottles. Many possibilities for language expansion.

My mom already purchased this item from Khol's (get that Khol's cash and use those coupons!). I really like this toy because it's so versatile. K can take the blocks off and then put them back on, eventually use the blocks for stacking, knocking down, and building, as well as pushing around the truck.

K loves climbing and moving around. Her cousin had this tunnel and loved it! This should be great fun during the cold winter months. Have plans to target prepositions and verbs!

2014 Update - She LOVES her tunnel!

photo 1-1

photo 1-1

This is an item I already bought to use with some of my clients. The wall decals are much bigger than I thought they would be. Since she likes the book, Brown Bear Brown Bear, I figured displaying these decals on her wall would be a nice opportunity to give more exposure to targeting animals and colors.

Music making time!

Chugga chugga choo choo!

I'm really excited to use this one! Wonderful way to name and label different fruits and veggies in a fun and low pressure way. K is not the best eater secondary to severe reflux, but she's getting much better.

I'm picturing myself already saying, "K, would you like the frog or the ladybug?"

Toys that will have to wait until her second birthday:

While these are a little pricey, they're worth it. A former client of mine had these and they provided endless opportunities for various types of movement based play.

Okay, I may purchase this before her 2nd birthday just because K had a blast playing on her cousin's slide. Perfect for targeting "up", "down", "my turn", "your turn" and of course..."weeee".

Oh geeze, this may be another item I buy before she turns 2 too! I can't help it. Since she gets an absolute kick out of carting her baby dolls around in her shopping cart, I think she'll love this wagon. Already envisioning us outside on a nice spring day.

This kitchen is 10 times nicer than our galley kitchen with linoleum... :(

This is an anatomically correct doll...thinking it may be nice to introduce when she starts potty training.

So, what toys are on your list? Have any recommendations? Please feel free to share in the comments.

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