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7 Ways to Get Your Village on Board to Promote Your Toddler's Language Development

If you’ve been reading my blog or have read My Toddler Talks, you know I value routines and consistency. Toddlers need consistency and familiar routines to thrive. To further encourage your toddler’s language development, consistency amongst the village is also needed. Since these trusted members are helping to raise and care for your precious little one(s), they should also know how to develop your toddler’s communication.

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It Takes a Village: Getting Everyone on Board to Support Your Toddler's Language

“It’s takes a village to raise a child.”

Having an active toddler of my own and the support of a several key people, I agree with this proverb. I would also assert that it takes a village to develop a child’s language skills. Before I tell you HOW to use your village to encourage your child’s language development, I want to stress WHY parents need the support of a village.

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