Toddler Language: A Song to Help Transition Between Activities and Tasks

Toddler Language A song to help transition

Toddler Language A song to help transition

Photo Credit: D Simmonds

Working with toddlers on a regular basis I know transitions can be tough for toddlers. Who wants to stop playing to go grocery shopping? Who wants to leave the park to pick Johnny up from school?

Sometimes sudden, unexpected transitions can result in tantrums or meltdowns, leaving you and your child both tired and frustrated.

Is there a way to make transitions a bit easier?

Yes! In addition, to giving your toddler advanced warnings that a change is about to occur (“Anthony, we are leaving the park when my phone buzzes.” Or, “Luna, I’m turning off the light after I finish reading this book.”), I love to use songs.

When working with toddlers during a speech therapy session, I often use songs to not only facilitate language development but also to prepare toddlers for upcoming transitions. If you have my book, My Toddler Talks: Strategies and Activities to Promote Your Child's Language Development, you probably know I value routines and strongly believe in their importance for toddlers’ emotional health and language development. This is because routines provide predictability allowing young children a sense of what to expect next. In My Toddler Talks, I suggest two different songs to sing when ending a play routine. Well, I just discovered another one! (Amazon affiliate link included. Thank you for your support!)

The “All Done, It’s Time to Move On” by certified music therapist, Sarah Jane, is a super cute and simple song to help facilitate upcoming transitions.

I particularly like this song because you can easily incorporate the sign “all done” when singing it.

Here is a quick video of Sarah singing the song:

As always, I hope this post has been helpful!

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